Good Site Design : the Simplest Way to Spot It and Recreate It

Most website design firms include the word’quality’ or’high quality’ in their advertising. However , when taking a look at a domain critically, what makes good site design versus mediocre design. Here are some guidelines to say why many people will like one website and be completely turned off by another.

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When it comes to good site design, one will need to take a look at how whitespace is used. If you look at a site and there is a good proportion of design elements and white space, it will make a big difference in the overall design of the site. It will heighten that sense of quality and the design will stand out rather than being muddled and crunched together.

A website that is balanced gives an open feel that draws the reader to the photographs and text on the page. It also makes the design elements that much more tasty and the site is clean.

When you get the spacing wrong, it can muddle up the feel and look of the website and can have a negative impact on the design. It lessens the quality look and show, and lends itself to a more pathetic appearance.

Whitespace distribution will vary from site design to web design, and a designer really wishes to get a feel for what kind of space to put in the general design. There has to be allowances made for elements to fit the design, and it needs a bit of practice to get it correct. One way which will help is by employing a grid system in designing the layout. Remember that don’t need to fill up each area of whitespace. Some times less is more in website design as it is in graphic design.

Fonts & Typography in site design

When it comes to utilizing whitespace, fonts come naturally into play. Because the design doesn’t carry over to the particular content being posted on the site, there needs to be easy to follow instructions on which fonts work well with the design. Type should be serviceable and understandable, although as with whitespace, it’s not all that clear cut.

Typography should be well thought out and fit with the design elements on the page. Titles are vital in website design, and you wish to put acceptable whitespace between the title and the body copy. As put down in a previous article, headlines should be Sans-serif while the body copy can be Serif. There should be whitespace between the strap line and the body copy, and with satisfactory spacing, it should be easy-to-read.

Putting all these things together lends to the feeling that visitors have turned up at a quality, easy to read website with information that is easy to read and understand.

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