Functional Ways to use Windows Icons and The places to get them?

Windows XP has made extreme use of internet pictorials which is the obvious cause for its popularity. The state of the art GUI or graphical user interface makes it easy for even the novice user to insertdata with considerable simplicity. If you want to open a file, all you need to do is click on the graphical image or the Windows icons on the desktop. You can also alter these windows icons to make the appearance of your screen befit your liking.

icons for Windows 7

If you are questioning yourself why you should lift your fingers for modifying the images, the answer is very clear, folks get sick of noticing the same icons all the time and altering the Windows icons can offer a fresh work environment for folks who work long hours on computer. This simply means that picking fresh computer graphics can literally help to improve your work efficacy. If you have not tried changing the imageson your desktop in the past; here are some easy instructions that will make the job a breeze.

  • The primary step is to; obviously, start the computer and let Windows start as it always does
  • Once you see the desktop, click on the start menu which will be at the bottom of the screen on the right hand corner of the screen; this should bring up a menu, you should see the tab “My computer” and click on it. Another way is to access the computer storage is by double clicking on the “My computer” icon on the desktop; this is usually the first icon on the desktop; but, you can only observe it if the icon has been enabled on the desktop.
  • The next step is to find the function this images has to be altered. You will need to know the location of the program in the computer or you can see the search option in the start menu to look for the program and know its exact location
  • After finding the program, right click on it and a menu will be seen, click on the properties option..
  • Its relatively simple to spot the the tab that reads “change icons”, clicking on it will direct you to another menu that will have a several icons that can be used for your selection. However, often, you cannot find the change icon tab, in this case, you will need to make a desktop icon; to do so, click on the cancel button of the properties menu and right click again to reach the precceding menu, here you can observea second menu item that says “send to desktop” or “create shortcut”, point and use your mouse on this button and get back to the screen that you started on, you will now see the application with the standard Widows icon. Now, you can right click on it and switch the icon.
  • If you cannot notice the image that is to your liking in the window, rummage through the system to look for a preffered icon

    Where can you buy eye catching web graphics?
    There are a number of online establishments that give their visitors free icon libraries; as a matter of fact, several websites ofer images for a variety of industries. If you dont prefer the look of the free iages, windows icons are also available at affordable prices.

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